December 13, 2010

Friends Make Everything Better


I feel like I have been gaining weight. Due to the stressful holiday shopping season (professionally and personally), I have been indulging in fatty Filipino festive food in the little time I have to eat. Needless to say gym time has been cut down to zero. Good thing I have friends who like to splurge at Hermès and eat baked goods with me to lift the spirit. This scenario embodies what I go through on a day to day basis:

While shopping today, I barely missed the Kardashians at Barneys. They were in town to discuss their new licensing venture with Sears (yeah, yet ANOTHER BRANDING SCHEME. When bebe drops you, throw in the towel). In a solid attempt to try and catch a glimpse of the reality stars, my friend and I went to the Hermès store. We had to go anyway, and it was a logical store to check for the Kardashians, who famously just spent $100K on Birkins and such last month. No such luck with the celebrities, but I do have my gift picked out! 2010 was obviously the year of Louis Vuitton for me. What can I say? I'm a late bloomer. But after our trip to the store, I know it will be an Orange Christmas for my friend - who coined the term - and an Orange rest of my life 2011 for the both of us!

- jerome

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