May 8, 2012

Unpacking Slowly

Look what I found! This is my last pack of Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes from a carton I bought almost 9 years ago! It was buried in a miscellaneous drawer at my parents' house. My OCD made me keep one unopened. I wasn't lying, guys. They do exist! This was taken hours before I boarded my flight to New York.

Greetings from Manhattan! I still haven't finished unpacking, but when I do I will upload pictures of my new apartment. It is spacious and (soon to be) fully furnished! My bed frame from Fabulous & Baroque won't be here until the end of June, but at least my dining room is complete and I can entertain! I haven't found a place to take photos from a proper angle and I no longer have a tripod. Surely there is somewhere I can work it out though! It is exciting to be in a new city. People like to dress up in this town (obviously) and being around that energy and enthusiasm is a major delight!

- jerome

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