April 2, 2010

JPH Sale Preview

Today, I continued to recover from my awful cold. I cannot stress enough, PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. COUGHING UP ALL OVER PEOPLE ON THE BUS AND/OR AT WORK IS RUDE and NAGL. Thank goodness I did not have work today either because San Francisco got a healthy portion of horizontal rain - the kind of rain that renders umbrellas useless because the precipitation falls at an inescapable angle. This gave me a chance to edit some preview shots of a few things I have for sale.

I am fortunate enough to have collected many beautiful things. However, I have come to realize that they are just sitting in my closet, collecting dust. My style has changed over the years, and although I love to style shoots in such ways, I cannot always wear the clothing. Thus, I have pieces I have worn once or twice then saved as collector's pieces... and now that all 3 of my closets are filled my partner suggested I make room somehow. I have decided to consolidate these pieces, sell them, and buy that bag I have had my eye on. The following are for sale! Email me at jeromeisonline@gmail.com to inquire!

Maison Martin Margiela L'Incognito Sunglasses $500

Jeremy Scott Shades $300

Gucci Aviator Italiano GG 2537/S $175

Dior Homme Troika Shades $250 $150 100

Chanel Black Enamel Necklace/Belt $300 $250

American Apparel Circle Scarf $30 $20 (left) and Gucci Wallet $450 $200

All accessories (sunglasses, SLGs, jewelry, etc.) come with boxes and cases because they were used once or twice for editorial shoots. Everything is in TOP condition! Let me know if you are interested in any of these pieces. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. I just noticed that most of these items are perfect for Spring?! What am I doing?? THIS IS ONLY A PREVIEW (but offers are welcome now!) More pieces from Prada, Helmut Lang, and rag&bone to follow!! Also, it is first come first serve, unless a substantially higher bid is placed. Thanks!

UPDATE: I severely lowered the price of the Chanel because I confused the original price with another piece I have in my closet. This one is a much better price!

- jerome


  1. Do you still have margiela shades?

    1. Yes! I will put them on ebay soon, unless you make an offer. Message me!