April 6, 2010

Ohayo Gozaimasu

Shirt by Yigal Azrouël, Jeans by Uniqlo, Boots by alfredoBANNISTER, Bag by Louis Vuitton, Shades and Jacket from Camden Vintage

I woke up early this morning feeling inspired. Who wouldn't smile at the sight of sunlight after a weekend of gloominess?? Even the restless sleep you get from thinking about the handbag you are saving for and cannot live without life too much is compensated with coffee, UV rays, and the promise of a new day. Even the morning commute had some kind of freshness too it. On the bus, I had no choice but to watch the old posh woman across from me put on her make up (all Chanel, of course) from start to finish. It was strange to watch such an intimate thing because she was a regular Michelle Phan after mastering her technique throughout the years using her favorite, expensive brand.

After reading my regular blog roll I started calculating the numbers for my next purchase. I have decided that I should get the Néo Bag in Eden Khaki, and the reasons are 5 fold: 1) I am losing sleep over this beauty 2) People are telling me to shut up about it 3) Clearly, I have been thinking about purchasing it from the moment I saw it in fashion show pictures, 4)The ads shot by Steven Meisel have been on my desk and my desktop as wallpaper since they came out, and 5) Almost the entire staff of Louis Vuitton in Union Square knows me by my first name because I visit the bag so often. It will be a birthday present to myself, as well as a celebratory gift for my hard work and other projects I am working on right now.

Naomi and I (will) have that in common.

Justifications aside, have you ever wanted anything that made your heart sing, but everyone told you it is not worth it? I have thought long and hard about this - obviously - and have come to the conclusion that one should do what makes one happy. Be it cosmetics, cars, or clothing, it is wise to seek the opinion of your trusted peers when buying anything expensive, but always choose happiness. If you can afford it and it makes you happy, I believe it is a good investment. I am in love with my Monogram Néo, but the Khaki was also love at first sight. The masterful craftsmanship of the embroidered lambskin makes the Eden Néo an entirely different bag (like having the Speedy in different materials).

So that is pretty much what went on in my head this morning. As my birthday approaches I am thankful for the best family in the world, the love of a good man, fabulous friends, and a wardrobe/handbag collection that will hopefully get my ass a retrospective at the MET when I die. THE PHILIPPINES WILL HAVE THAT TO CELEBRATE TOO, ADAM CAROLLA!! I hope tomorrow's bus ride has some sort of epiphany to.

NOTE TO SELF: catching up on fashion editorials on the bus is not always a good idea because people can see what is on your iPhone screen, and when there is nudity you don't really have the platform or opportunity to say, "IT'S NOT PORN, IT'S ART!"

- jerome

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