April 19, 2010

Target Acquired: Louis Vuitton Monogram Eden Khaki Néo and Rainbow Bag Charm

How I (used to) spend my free time, whispering "I WILL SAVE YOU."

There are moments when you realize you simply cannot live without that special something. After purchasing my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Néo, I was extremely happy. It is the perfect bag in terms of size, shape, and color. It is one of those pieces I can use every day (when it isn't raining), and it will last forever. But every time I thought of my first love, the Monogram Eden Khaki Néo, there was a deep aching in my heart.

The obsession never ceased. From the moment I saw it on the runway, I knew the Monogram Eden Néo was to be mine... until I was forced to choose between two perfections. It was a Sophie's Choice situation, and I went with the "practical" Monogram Canvas. I was so happy, but I knew something was still missing. I would get butterflies as I saw the Eden Néo in passing, and I was losing so much sleep thinking about the royal metallic colors and ultra supple lambskin. I do not regret buying the Monogram Canvas bag in the least, and I am proud to say I saved enough to get all my favorite accessories from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Not everyone will understand how anyone could ever spend so much on a handbag. To be honest, I cannot waste my time on why other people love, hate, or disagree with this bag; I can only express why I love this new addition to my collection. First of all, the model itself is already tried and true, as the Monogram Canvas Néo has served me well without fail for as long as I have had it. Also, the color is a unique shade of green that speaks to me. The Khaki brings a sparkle to my eye, and will age beautifully as the calf leather begins to develop a darker patina. This is my favorite color from the Eden collection which, in itself, is absolutely inspired. The Eden collection is a salute to the beauty of the nature found in the urban jungle. I am a city boy for sure, but I love to escape using the beauty of the world around us. The concept is relevant to me and as precious as the bag itself. The craftsmanship that goes into the Eden collection is exquisite. Lambskin bags are ultra-luxurious goods to begin with but when you discover that each ribbon of metallic Monogram Canvas is individually cut, aligned, set, and sewn on each of the Eden bags, they become works of art. The look is completely different from the original indestructible Monogram Canvas with its own unique charm. Why didn't I realize it before? Having these two bags is just like having more than one Speedy: with each different Canvas or Epi, there is a completely new bag to fall for with the same charm and function.

Speaking of charms, I went for broke and purchased the Rainbow Bag charm as well. It is one of the defining icons of the collection. You have to see how the tassels sway, flowing like the golden locks of Alphonse Mucha's flower maidens. And do not even get me started on the sound the tassels make... it is like satisfaction with each step. The luggage tag I bought previously has been hot stamped in gold with my initials, like icing on a very expensive cake. And as my best gay put it, "I kind of want to lick... eat this bag."

Never did I imagine I would be able to own both of these bags. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! All the blood, sweat, and tears of a retail day job DOES pay off. She works hard for the money handbags. My next task is to recreate the red fox tail that never went into production... and SAVE EVERY PAYCHECK FROM NOW UNTIL my actual birthday ETERNITY TO PAY FOR THIS BABY.

Call me Asian. I am. Call it an old Russian lady's bag. Well, razreshitie predstaveet babushka. I LOVE IT!! I couldn't be happier, now I can shut up about it :)


- jerome

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