April 28, 2010

I Got Your Sheep, Little Bo Peep

Toy Sheep by Burberry

A long time ago I walked into Burberry and saw the most darling little sheep. They were a little strange, fully fluffy, perfectly ME, and... not for sale. I was going to try to pull an Emily Gilmore with the sales associate and sternly suggest that, "EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE," but I wasn't exactly a bad-ass at 14, and my mother taught me better than to be disrespectful on sacred ground. Flash forward almost a decade (WTF?!) and by some stroke of pure luck, the sheep are mine! I cannot get into specifics, and really the specifics would just bore you, but I am the proud owner of these two sheep. They're actually grazing on my carpet right now. I have to name them still (perhaps one Christopher, and the other Bailey? or would that make me an asshole tacky??), but these guys make the best pets because they are cute, small, and will not get hair on/chew up the many designer shoes, handbags, and clothes scattered throughout the house.


And don't forget about tomorrow's event: A.OK + The Seventh Heart!!


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