April 20, 2010

Nomadic Muses

As the forecasts continue to be wrong, I continue to take caution about introducing Spring looks too soon. I am all about suffering to wear a shoe, or sucking in to wear a pear of pants, but I refuse to wear shorts on a chilly day. This time of uncertainty is good for thinking about new inspirations. I have the color palette down, but a defined look is still to be developed. So far I have come to adopt the prep look and good tailoring, but with the addition of 2 pairs of vintage boots to my wardrobe, a new aesthetic is a brewin'.

I have always admired the gypsy look, but never truly related to it. The instances of rock and roll that have passed through my life are near and dear to my heart, but they were embodied by the friends I have loved and lost who lived the lifestyle. That look takes commitment that I cannot subscribe to, especially when you are ripped apart when you play rock and roll half way. My newest obsession is nomads. I love the idea of ethnic jewelry, embellishments, prints, and garments juxtaposed with tailoring and luxury goods (I forsee a TON of Dries Van Noten shopping). Luckily I believe in the power of a good leather jacket, a trusty rucksack, and a sharp blazer. But I am getting ahead of myself. Here is more inspiration for Spring, a la Lily and Daria. Mario Testino does it again, and I thank him for giving me something to dream about when it is raining. It is a constant challenge to adopt looks like these into my everyday street style, especially considering it is all from womenswear. But it is a challenge I gladly accept. Check out the full spread, the photography and styling are breath taking!

So yeah, I have my work cut out for me this spring :)

- jerome

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