April 15, 2010

3 , 2 , 1 Launch

A snapshot of the online store's opening screen

Exciting news! For those of you who have lusted after the wondrous wears of Patrik Ervell, but have the sad luck of living in a city not included in his stockists, then your time has come! Patrik Ervell is now available online through the official website. Now is your chance to snag the goodies straight from the source. Upon the launch of Ervell's e-commerce, you are greeted by a set of handsome models as they tousle their hair and fidget with their zippers, buttons, and pockets - an absolute mood setter for the brand built for boyish charms - and just in time for Spring. But walk, don't run, because it seems that the store is having technical difficulties. Either the coders are getting a talking to, or an exuberant amount of hungry fans are crashing the site.

Photo from Jak and Jil

UPDATE: It's back online! Peep the moving models :)

- jerome

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