March 4, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who are Waitlisted

At Louis Vuitton with the Nèo bag in Khaki and Monogram, wearing a Trench by Burberry, Trousers by Comme des Garçons, and Boots by Zara

Today was a sad day. I was planning my whole day off tomorrow around taking my new Louis Vuitton Nèo home and shopping accordingly. To my dismay, the shipment was delayed until the 15th. It turns out that the Monogram Nèo, the one I am waitlisted for, is one of the most limited of this season's limited edition offerings. The Khaki Eden bag was highly publicized by the ad campaign and Naomi Campbell's charity work, so I would imagine the stores were prepared for orders. However, there is a high demand (and apparently less supply) of the Monogram version because of the lower price point and versatility of the classic print. Thus the waitlist - I hate that word - and my extreme disappointment. Remember kids, don't count your chickens until they've hatched handbags until you're off the damn list.

But this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to see all of the bags in person and try them on. As I expected, the color of the Khaki Nèo was not as metallic as the Argent or the Péche from the Eden collection. It was perfect, but the fact still remains that the Khaki has a luster that could potentially lose relevance with both my taste and wardrobe. I already have another beautiful Burberry purse in a green color way that I have trouble working into daily use, so imagine the trouble with a bright, emerald, come-mug-me purse. The Louis Vuitton Monogram is a classic that cannot lose with a modern shaped bag. Now I can make an educated decision and I won't have to wonder. I WANT SO BADLY TO GET BOTH but I am going to stick with the Monogram Nèo... if it doesn't sell out. What do you think (comment or message!)?

- jerome


  1. Poll Update: VOTES ARE ONLY VALID IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE BAGS IN PERSON. Most who have seen the bags in person change their minds. They look very diferent in person, and think about how the patina of the handles and trimmings will clash with the bag.

    The other bags are WORKS OF ART that I wish I could have, but the monogram works best with my wardrobe. But I will accept donations if anyone is feeling generous.

    - jerome