March 12, 2010


Hello, everyone. Sorry it has been a while, but I have just recently returned from a small vacation and was unable to post during my trip. I felt a little uncomfortable being away from my computer for so long, even with my iPhone at the ready. It seems that there is life outside of the Internet, but who cares when I can do everything (at one point it was school, work, AND shopping) from the safety and comfort of my very own home?! Although in hindsight, tweeting and keeping up with fashion week while going 80mph on the i-5 probably wasn't the best idea. I doubt that is how all the road kill ended up dead, but what a waste of furs! (JUST KIDDING, PLEASE CONTINUE READING).

Getting cut off from the Internet hurts, but not nearly as much as when you finally log on and discover that what you want is not available online. The elusive limited edition products from your favorite brands can give reason to working so hard, and then have you waiting all night for the product to go live because there is nothing worse than seeing SOMEONE ELSE turning it out on StreetPeeper, JAK AND JIL, or whatever daily you happen to subscribe to.

The most painful is when something, especially a limited edition something, is not available online. That is pretty much just a SOL, "the world isn't fair" type situation when you don't live in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, or Milan. However, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SITUATIONS. The Opening Ceremony and Levi's Collaboration bore more fruit than I ever imagined when I was recently informed of their shoes. The vibrant footwear includes the traditional OC desert boot, fabricated in the colors of the collaboration corduroy. But beware, they are NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. Another score for SF, the OC x Levi's Desert Boot are only available at the Levi's Flagship store in San Francisco's Union Square or at the OC store in New York. High fives to my fellow Bay Area connoisseurs on this rare exclusive, and happy hunting to everyone else!

- jerome

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