February 1, 2010

PS1 (Proenza Schouler, Not Playstation)

The PS1 Bag by Proenza Schouler was made available for purchase on their website today. More and more fashion houses are beginning e-commerce initiatives, which is very exciting for people who would not otherwise have access to designer goods. I have been in love with the PS1 bag for some time now, frequently visiting it at Barneys on my lunch breaks. It has a classic silhouette with modern lines, and is first and foremost a practical bag for both girls AND boys. I have seen it worn different ways, by hipsters and dandies, fashionistas and ladies who lunch. What I found is that the PS1 has a personality to match its owner, which is why I trust it to be a smart bag. The black leather is definitely an option, but I think the midnight or tobacco suede would suit me better.

Lusting for years now, I still haven't gone ahead and bought it. I remember watching a video clip of Jack and Lazaro talking about the bags and how they gave them to their favorite girls at the time, like Mary-Kate Olsen. Each bag they gave was made from python, the exotic PS1 model, and had the recipient's initials engraved on the inside. For some reason I cannot seem to save up enough money buckle down and buy one for myself. Though the shape of the bag is classic, there is just enough contemporary elements to have me doubting. Don't misunderstand, I do love a modern bag. But with each piece I collect, I have to wonder if spending the money is wise. Is it a piece for the moment, or a piece that will stand the test of time? I look back at pictures of my mother, who has already passed down some priceless accessories to me, and see the timelessness that comes from careful selection. Especially now, when my style is in this transitional period, I have to be smart about big purchases like this. Something to think about (or add to my Christmas/Birthday list). But damn that bag looks good on boys!

- jerome

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