February 25, 2010

A Quickie With Some Men

I have been having a hectic week. Trying to keep up with the shows (DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON WOMENSWEAR) has been pretty tough. I continue to toy with the idea of reviewing the females too, but I think I might do some touch points on the off season. I follow the women's shows just as closely as the men's, but there are many more of them in such a short amount of time. I like tuning in on menswear because it helps me evolve/learn about my own style. Besides, I promised myself I would cut down on buying women's clothes since my current obsession with handbags is expen$ive enough... and they almost always have my size ;)

Here are some more of my favorite looks for the Fall 2010 season:

Call me sentimental, but I am so smitten with this SK8R BOY looking collection from WOOD WOOD. The simple silhouettes are revamped, like the longer shirts and cropped pants for example. Everything is tied together with backpacks, beanies, and other boy-ish things that I was fond of so long ago. The updated look is much better because of the cut and the prints, but I think everyone is thankful there are no ball-chain-necklaces.

I am going out on a limb here and say that Marc Jacobs is the KING of "WHY DO I WANT TO WEAR THAT?!" contemporary sportswear. I am wowed each season with something so hideous I actually raise my eyebrows, and by the same token, I am computing and strategizing, figuring out just how the hell I am going to afford the look that just came after the total 'Fashion WTF' (this includes all of the brands he oversees: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc, and Louis Vuitton). There is something offbeat about Fall 2010 that caught my attention. The belted jackets, cross body bags, and olive tones were on trend. However, the occasional wide leg trouser added the right amount of surprise. In a sea of top heavy menswear shows, Marc Jacobs knows how to stay in touch with the season's message while keeping you interested by utilizing unique ideas.

B Store is going to offer you lifestyle next season. With tops, bottoms, footwear, and outerwear to fit any occasion, the Fall collection is the perfect medley of basics for the young and modern male. I am living for the belted pajama shirt under the peaked lapel blazer, atop a tapered trouser tucked into a mid-calf boot. The silhouette is nothing new, but using long-johns as an alternative to skinny jeans is refreshing. This collection still maintains the emphasis of a relaxed and top heavy silhouette while excluding overly-sized/warm jackets, which (as a Californian) earns my respect and gratitude.

- jerome

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