February 5, 2010


Before I go to bed early for an early start, I wanted to share with the world what I listen to on the way to work; on the way to almost anything, really. They're a band called Wallpaper. (period included). Their debut album Doodoo Face is out now. I won't go into specifics on the band, other than the fact that they are from Oakland and they are one of the greatest live acts this side of the Mississippi... shoot, this hemisphere. Anyway, check out this video for the song "Gettin' Drip." It is perfect for actually getting some coffee before going to work, though I don't think that is what the song is really about. Oh yeah, and just to warn you, these guys are bad asses... in a unique sense of the word.

And the video for the first single "I've Got Soul (I'm So Wasted)" is near and dear to my heart. See if you can spot me in it. HINT:

Make sure to check out Wallpaper. for some ear candy of the light-hearted, danceable variety. And pay attention to the lyrics and background vocals that make me smile awkwardly on the bus so people think I am crazy because they cannot hear what I am listening to; lines like "Can't call her shorty cuz she taller than me/ 6 foot 3 in NYC for Fashion Week/ Just skip the beat, but emphasize I date MODELS." Enjoy.

- jerome

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