February 5, 2010

Sweet Sweden

Sweden produces three of my favorite things: beautiful music, beautiful people, and beautiful clothing. I want to make my way there one day, and perhaps see how they do it. Until then, I must continue to experience Scandinavia through the Internet. Here are some of my favorite looks from Stockholm Fashion Week 2010.

The HOPE show took place in a dining hall setting, the runway being in the middle of two long communal dinner tables. Romantic, and also the perfect compliment to a street wise collection. The color palette is simple and the silhouette on trend. This was a good showing of separates that any man can use. Take note of the trousers and the even balance of relaxed and skinny styles. TAKE NOTE GUYS.

Another brand I have stumbled upon this year is Carine Wester. Super cute unusual proportions pretty much sums it up. There is something about the length of these tops that make me anxious and want to buy one immediately. I like how they are cropped pretty short, but high waistbands cover the mid section with just enough peeking out. I like the heeled lace-up booties that add even more androgyny to the looks. These looks make me happy; perky even. The saddest part about this brand is that I can choose to buy these clothes from the cute online shop, but shipping to the States basically doubles the price. If you dare, check out Carine Wester!

Acne is awesome. Duh. You've probably heard of them if you don't already lust after their top quality denim... which is why this collection was a refreshing surprise... because how fantastic is this season?!! It's The Aviator meets Scandinavian design (and hopefully meets my closet). Wearable, conceptual, and multi-seasonal. Also, this is another reminder to get some shearling for Fall.

With any new brand, I try to research the history of the design(ers) first, bypassing the instinctual search for stockists. I discovered that the design philosophy of the brand was originally based on the molecular structure of a unique "odeur," the logo being a single geometrical shape. Designs based on stank?? The outcome was a series of structural garments with both style and texture. Last Fall, I enjoyed the use of natural graphics including numbers and moonscapes. For Fall 2010, Odeur presents boldly structural garments. There is no male or female section on the website, upping the androgyny and appeal for fans of Rad Hourani, Rick Owens, and other unisexual brands.

- jerome

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