December 23, 2009

Camp Indulgence

I just watched the Sex and the City 2 trailer this morning. BE PREPARED FOR THE CAMPIEST MOVIE EVER (Xanadu who?). Well, that is just an educated guess after viewing the trailer. It looks like the movie is going to be a non stop montage of the 4 leading ladies stomping it out, side-by-side, all over New York. And some desert. And even some sort of runway. I also wonder whose wedding they attend. My bet is that the gays are getting married, making this movie the campiest, most indulgent film ever. Even if the story sucks (I hope it doesn't because I have loved everything so far), at least it is going to be fashion porn.

I hope. Patricia Field can really turn out some looks, but it takes a while for some of them to translate. Like, we may not get it now, but we will. Her work is a lot like a crop circle.

- jerome

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