September 22, 2010

Back in the Habit

Hello, everyone! It feels good to be back in the USA. As much as I love traveling (especially in Europe), I hit the point of homesickness that made coming home such a relief. I will re-cap things from my trip in the coming days but let me first say that my return flight was a nightmare. I think the death toll sounded when I sat down and saw that there was no personal TV. This 10.5 hour hell ride had everything I could possibly hate on an airplane:

- No personal television system, as previously stated
- I sat next to someone with an awful cold (p.s. I am a hypochondriac so I took 4 Airborn)
- Said sick person still made out with her eurotrash husband when she was not sleeping or sneezing
- 2 small children screaming and kicking my chair almost the whole way while their parents just laughed and took pictures of the monsters
- Embarrassingly rude American complaining about his seat

The ironic thing is that while Europeans hate us Americans for the way we act, they are incredibly rude themselves. I suppose I should not generalize, but I just hope I never have to fly out of Frankfurt ever again.

It is not my wish to mislead you. I HAD AN AMAZING VACATION. My body and mind are recharged and inspired again. Though the street style was lacking, it may have been a combination of locals vacationing and my tendency to end up in tourist areas. A more detailed recap of my trip is soon to follow. But I missed SF; sometimes you have to leave it to love it again. One night I watched Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit in German. The language didn't matter since I know the movie by heart (it is one of my favorites, and I am being sincere), but I suddenly wondered why Fran-K had a Brooklyn accent even though the movie was set in San Francisco. Whatevs. There is so much I have to catch up on, like all the shows from fashion week thus far (jet lag might come in handy here). There is so much to be excited about from what I've already seen. The occasional mix of menswear in the womens shows is particularly delightful... as is any time you can get a glimpse of Lasse...

More to come soon. xo.

- jerome

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