October 31, 2010

Pinky Swear

My rings are very important to me. I have been known to be half way to work, only to hop off the bus and go back for my jewels (OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL END). Last week I lost a ring at work. Twice. The first time, it was found in the pocket of a jacket at my work. The second time I found the ring, it was in my purse. It slipped off two times, almost gave me a heart attack two times, and I might need two years to get over the trauma to wear the ring again. This rogue ring didn't cost much but it has been with me all over the globe. It has seen me in good times and in bad, and means the world to me.

I am going through a quarter life crisis at the moment. What sucks about it most is the fact that my best friend and I have completely opposite schedules. But when we do get together we are reminded of why we are like family. The Olive Garden probably steals line from my blog. To symbolize our friendship we acquired matching pinky nail rings from our friends' store Shotwell. Another ring that isn't a huge investment, but is a priceless icon of a rather significant relationship in my life. Now we can pinky-swear-in our secrets with a little more pizazz.

HOLY SHISHKABOB! Being the boring workaholic that I am, I almost forgot that tonight is the


Vintage Kimono, Gold Pinky ring by Bijules, Lizard Nail Ring by Shotwell

I hope that looked somewhat spooky, or at the very least magical/fairy-like. You would not believe how many shots it took to get one decent "pink swear" picture on photobooth. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

- jerome

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