October 27, 2010

Brought to You by the Letter B


Burberry Brit Army Shirt
Brian Lichtenberg for Blood is the New Black Tee
Blue Jeans by J.Crew
Brown Brogues by Virgin Blak
Bag and Bag Charms by Louis Vuitton

This is my day look. Respectively. In San Francisco, you learn to bring a jacket or sweater everywhere you go. Forecasts say the Bay Area is about to get some major rain, so I took the opportunity to wear some lighter garments during the eye before the storm. HOLY COW I AM NOT WEARING ANY BLACK. Almost 2 years ago my entire wardrobe consisted of just black, white, gray, and muted neutrals, and even leisurely ensembles would have at least one asymmetrical drapey thing. Though I still love avant garde design, I have broken out of the darkness and started wearing colors and tailored clothing. More than anything, heritage pieces really struck a chord with me as of late and I have come to appreciate workmanship and concepts in the clothing I choose - be it fashion forward or preppy, designer or vintage.

The letter "B" has come up a lot in my blog lately; from bags to "Balmania," it is all about the B word right now. And let's not forget about Beyoncé. The following video surfaced about a month ago and I went crazy for it. Here's why:

1) I am a huge Beyoncé fan
2) I purchased this shirt direct from Brian Lichtenberg via MySpace messages upon its inception
3) The Beyowulf herself was quoted saying, "I love this shirt! I own all the shoes on it!"
4) All of the shoes on the shirt are by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière
5) The shoes are arranged to form a B!!!
6)I love Barbecue and Block parties

Let us pray that Barney's will finally bestow upon me the bags I have beseeched!

- jerome

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