October 18, 2010

Bring Your Whole Crew Part 2

Remember how much I love editorials shot with a whole crew?
Well, get a load of this spread from GQ Style Germany:

Images from The Fashionisto

I am particularly drawn to the tonal dandies in the third picture down. It is like everything I love about Phoebe Philo's new minimalism on German dudes wearing nude tones: LOTS OF GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING HERE. Presenting the season's fashions as a group really highlights trends. After all, aren't trends born within social circles? Styling notes are found all over the world amongst groups of friends and the uniforms they wear within their subcultures. Which tribe (and I use that term loosely since no one can ever agree on labels) do you subscribe to?

And speaking of group shots, a preview advertisement for the H&M x Lanvin collaboration has been circulating the interwebs. Check out the runway inspired looks. If this is any indication of how the menswear will be designed, I just might get to own a silk parachute parka!!

- jerome

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