October 20, 2010

Aspirations, Thinspirations... Like, Real Goals

Mary-Kate Olsen with Bodyguard, purveyor of my entire wish-list

Sometimes I wish I was Mary-Kate. She doesn't ever have to choose. She can have her cake Céline Luggage tote and eat it have her PS1 too. Extra large. In Python.

Since I am a post-grad living in an economy presently in a recession, I have to choose one... for now anyway. LET'S NOT KID OURSELVES - I WILL BE GETTING BOTH. It is more of a matter of which one comes in first I think. Obviously the PS1 is near and dear to my heart. I even took a poll of which color I should get because there are so many lovely colorways. However, the PS1 is the "it-bag" of now whilst the Céline tote is close to my heart as well. The tote is also an it-bag but being dubbed "the new Kelly" it has classic potential. I have been alerted that both of these beloved leathers will be making there way into the store SOON for this upcoming holiday season. Fingers-crossed they don't come at the same time... The Birkin fund cannot take too many more hits! I promise I will cool it with the bags after these... I may or may not have my fingers crossed on that one too.

Until the time comes when I can spend like an Olsen, I will continue to dream of a shopping furiously like MK for hypothetical babies.

- jerome

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