December 26, 2011

Outerlands Trouble

Karen Walker Sunglasses, Uniqlo +J Blazer, Gitman Brothers Vintage Shirt, J.Crew Khakis, Burberry Prorsum Loafers, Balenciaga Envelope Clutch

A few months ago I had a strange hair day because we drove with the passenger seat window open before my hair product could set brunch with my brother and his fiance at the amazing Outerlands restaurant in the Outer Sunset. The unique decor charms while the food satisfies cravings beautifully (I highly recommend the eggs, bacon, and gruyere on toast), and all the bread is apparently made fresh by the guy who owns the place. A post-meal coffee or tea at Trouble Coffee is essential. They have their own roast and the most amazing toast and pastries made in-house. And when you have had enough to eat and drink, General Store is there to satisfy your craving for craft with their selection of new and vintage clothing, accessories and home decor. The store even boasts a greenhouse in their backyard filled with succulents and plants for sale. Check out all of these awesome SF digs, all next door to each other! The neighborhood reminds me of a beach town. California.

This is a photo of my brother, Joseph and my soon to be sister-in-law, Saskia. We were all perched upon a large driftwood sculpture placed outside of the establishments I mentioned earlier in this post. Also, my Balenciaga envelope clutch. I still cannot get over the perfect Anthracite color matching the mugs at Trouble. I am glad I found these pictures on my phone. Sometimes I forget I even have a camera when I am having so much fun! Flash forward to the next month and we three had dinner with my niece. I don't think she has ever been past Masonic St., which is a total shame, but totally common. We have just the places for her to go to when she is looking for something to do on a beautiful day! I hope more people visit awesome places like Outerlands, Trouble Coffee, and General Store even though they are tucked away in a less frequented part of San Francisco. Support your local businesses!

- jerome

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