December 8, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermés 40cm Veau Togo Etoupe Birkin Bag

Christmas came early this year. Behold my third child/Hermés handbag, the elusive 40cm Veau Togo Etoupe Birkin. Ever since I was a little boy I have dreamed of obtaining three coveted colors of the Birkin: A shade of Bleu, Noir, and either Etoupe or Gold. My trio is complete and I couldn't be more excited! I once crossed paths with this rare color before; I was lacking the funds and the soft and drapey Taurillon Clemence leather was not my first choice. With such a delicate hue, I wanted the leather to be structured. Patience and hard work and eating cheap food paid off once again! My luck at the San Francisco store may have something to do with the fact that my daily route to work includes a stroll right in front of Hermés, but I saw the plastic wrapped, factory fresh, newly shipped box opened and knew it was time.

The Veau Togo Etoupe leather is absolutely brilliant. The grain of this Togo skin is just as fine as in a Clemence and somehow just as soft and spongy. Usually Togo leather is stiff and rigid but this structured bag is firm yet supple. I am in love! Surprisingly I pulled the trigger on the 40cm. I was waiting for another 35cm bag, but my obsession with the color had a "more to love" effect on me. Etoupe is the perfect color of elegance. It reminds me of trench coats, dewy mornings, smoke from an extinguished candle, and tea. Hopefully this will put a hiatus on my Hermés bag hunger, but that may just be wishful thinking. Here is to another year of saving. Like I have said before, Birkins are like children - AND I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A BIG FAMILY.

Please don't shoot me.

- jerome


  1. congrats jerome!!! gorgeous birkin! and amazing collection!

    leave your birkins at home if you don't want to get kidnapped here in manila!



  2. Thanks!

    Wait, are you serious about the kidnapping part?

    Hahaha (I think.)

    - Jerome

  3. shine on you crazy diamond - p.s. that size is perfect for you,

    macbook air/shu uemura misting spray/$35 magazine --> hullo.