December 3, 2011

A Really Good Base

Serdar Uzuntas SS2012 by Ersoy Alap for NICEBOYS

These looks serve as an excellent template for what I have been wearing on a daily basis. Clean shirting with an interesting outerwear piece in neutral colors will never do you wrong. I put my spin on it by adding strange proportions (knee high socks or chunk soled shoes) and ALWAYS some dangerous looking jewelry. If it looks like I can tenderize meat or make someone bleed with it, I will probably wear it. But rings, my first love, are my main focus. I love to stack my bracelets, however, it seems that everyone is overdoing the arm party and I think it is time for me to keep it simple and really pick my moments.

On the last day of last month, I purged my closet and sold some old treasures to acquire some new ones. I think that I have to really be careful with what I keep, store, and bring to New York. December is finally here! The holidays are my favorite time of the year (did I say that already??) which makes me a little anxious because it brings me closer to the most EPIC LIFE CHANGES that will occur in the next months. This is like a dream; I can't believe it is all really happening so fast.

- jerome

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  1. that¡'s why i wrote you :)
    i DIE like DIE for her!
    isn't she the best shit?
    i'll be back to see more of you