October 18, 2011

Dries Van Noten SS2012

My favorite show from Paris was Dries Van Noten. Quite a bold statement, but this SS2012 collection is in tune with my personal style on every level. The prints, the tailoring, and even the peplum pants have my checking account tearing with anxiety. The master of prints mixes the city with the wilderness in a random - yet perfectly orchestrated - selection of images. The "lightscapes" are from the works of photographer James Reeve in a series that focuses on capturing the light in the dark. This theme is off beat for your average Spring show but Dries often benefits greatly from the unexpected. I never thought I could feel the same serenity in representations of both the ocean and Circus Circus, but trust Dries to harness that kind of emotion. He is so bad ass clever he decided to throw in an embellished matador jacket to an already stunning show of sophisticated silhouettes.

Dries was quoted backstage that he was inspired by the volume he had seen at the "Balenciaga and Spain" exhibit in San Francisco. DEAR DRIES: I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T CALL ME?!! I totally go to the de Young like all the time, dood!

I have to stay on top of these shirts so that I don't have another Céline mishap. The Circus Circus print reminds me of my childhood and running through the Midway, playing games to win stuffed animals and begging my parents for more quarters for the arcade. Everything would stop when the acrobats would perform over head. The peplum pants and shorts may have to be a try on, but I am pretty sure they will both be too feminine for my taste.

Photo by Emil Dizon


- jerome

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