October 17, 2011

Norman Ambrose SS2012

The last show I attended for New York Fashion Week was Norman Ambrose. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a treat when standing room guests were allowed seats and I was able to get to the second row. This came at a huge advantage for Ambrose's Spring 2012 runway presentation. There is an incredible amount of detail in the endless opulence of this collection. Each ensemble was dripping with sparkle; crafted from luxurious fabrics that were tailored to perfection.

There is a distinct Asian influence in the design. I loved the black paddy hats and mix of coral and jade. The stand out piece has to be the golden urchin jacket. Watching it come down the runway, I overheard one of the design assistants say that the piece was made of glass rods. That thing has to weigh a ton! Now I may not like the entire collection but I can appreciate the work and skill that went into it. Maybe one day I will be a legit Fu Tai Tai (the Mandarin term for "Real Housewives of China") and need a jewel encrusted cover up for my jewel encrusted bikini, but until then the only thing I can relate to is the urchin coat - kind of. It has to weigh as much as the Burberry Prorsum studded jacket. Still, a lovely presentation by Ambrose.

- jerome

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