October 9, 2011

CASSETTES: The Reunion


"Remember when Thursdays were FUN in SF? Remember when we all packed the Matador on dirty ass Market St. every week in a sweaty mess and got down to top 40 hip hop for hours on end? Remember those nights where it was weird if somebody didn't leave bleeding...if you didn't go around the corner to the alley to slam a Sparks...if somebody didn't get sick on the dancefloor...if some dumb couple didn't get into a screaming match in front of everybody...if some bum didn't harass/threaten every single person smoking outside...if you remembered the name of the person you woke up next to the morning after. Ahhhhhhh the good ole days.

We remember those nights fondly, so much in fact, we are going to do it all again for one time only. That's right, a Cassette's reunion! The same cast of characters in the same bar on the same night getting wild to the same music. Lets relive those glory days for one night.

Hosted by NATE ALWAYS. These assholes throwin down the jams: ST. GABRIEL • MAMA HEN • UGLY NORWEGIAN • ELI GLAD. This jerk documenting it all: JEROME POUR HOMME. Thursday, Oct. 6 @ Showdown. Flier by IAN MYERS"

I left my heart in San Francisco at CASSETTES.

- jerome

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