October 3, 2011

Beirut Live at The Independent, San Francisco

Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing Beirut live at the wonderfully intimate Independent in San Francisco. Beirut is one of those bands that I have wanted to see in concert, curious if their magic can be replicated live. There are certain songs and music styles that can capture exactly how I feel during significant moments in my life. Zach Condon's voice does just that, and he sounds perfect on the microphone. The blasts of the brass instuments, the deep and penetrating pitch of Condon's vocals, the haunting harmonies - they all come together in the most perfect way. If you have ever been to The Independent, you might have some idea of just how fantastic my view was. Jeremy and I arrived pretty early after we finished dinner to have a few drinks and save our spots on the benches of the terrace to the right of the stage. Here, I was able to stand and dance with a perfect view of the band. The carnival lights draped above the stage truly set the tone for the worldly music. I was in a trance the entire show. The band was in a particularly great mood and was so appreciative of the audience, rewarding us with a triple encore. It was quite an experience.

You can kind of see me standing all the way to the right of the screen. Look for a glare in a pair of eyeglasses :)

There are a handful of videos up on YouTube now from last night's show. High fives if you were there. I don't think I have ever seen a horn jam session, with a Tuba solo to boot. Someone buy me a ukulele.

- jerome

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