January 4, 2011

Happy Twilly Tuesday, Everyone!

Twilly Scarf by Hermès

This is my first Hermès purchase for the new year. I think the Twilly is such an excellent and relatively affordable item from the land of orange boxes. A Twilly is a silk piece cut from larger scarf designs. These baby scarves are easier to use for accessories and soft jewelry. Twillys will cost you no more than the average price for a luxury tie, and with high demand and few supply, the beautiful designs become highly collectible.

Personally, I hate mixing labels when it comes to bags, charms, and accessories. Each designer brand has a unique aesthetic and personality that doesn't have the same "plays well with others" capabilities as clothing. Can you imagine a monogrammed charm worth with a bag of another monogram design?? BARF. You can pair handbags to outfits, but mixing hardware, leathers, monograms, and/or engraving makes my toes curl. Thus you will only see my Twillys worn on Hermès leather goods or on the body :)

- jerome

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  1. so gorgeous and versatile. congrats:)