January 9, 2011

Weekend Update: Phobias Lost

I usually hate returning things. In fact I only take back merchandise if there is an unforgivable flaw I missed, or if there is an emergency. This was an emergency. Working in close proximity to Hermès is a blessing and a curse. On my lunch break I discovered that two Collier de Chien bracelets came to the Hermès boutique around the corner from my work. I tired them on and it was crystal clear I would not leave without them. Here is a small preview of the newest members of my family.

What is most surprising is that this is my second bracelet purchase in three years. I rarely wear anything on my wrists because I have a strange sensation whenever something is on them for a long period of time. These CDCs, along with the enamel bangles I purchased in Shanghai last year, are the only pieces that have felt correct when I put them on. They are comfortable and personal, and perfect.

In order to afford these new acquisitions, I had to return two Twillys so my entire paycheck wouldn't disappear before my very eyes to help foot the bill. I am not too upset because I was not so attached to them yet. The pink Pour Sortir Twilly I purchased online was much more hot pink in person, and the Brides de Gala from the first Twilly Tuesday of the year had not even been used yet. I may return for the latter at a later date because I am still in love with the color, but when opportunity knocks, you have to make it work. More coverage on my new dog collars soon!

- jerome

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