January 10, 2011

Man Peplum

Jumper by N.Hoolywood, Tee by Dries Van Noten, Vintage Pants, Shoes by Whoop-De-Doo, Hermès Bracelet and Bag

I think I've been reading too much of The Man Repeller. Come to think of it, I have always put looking/feeling cute leaps ahead of comfort and getting laid, so perhaps the blog resonated with me on some subconscious level. It is not news that fashion gays are not top picks for hook-ups - the tights and heels are not the first thing to turn on the guys they are attracted to (unless they have a very specific fetish) - but we are they are certainly at the top of the fierce chain. Where it counts. Fashion gays are easily man repellers themselves, but the lack in conventional sex appeal is backed by an even sexier confidence. Unless someone wore the same shoes. Then you get back handed by a bitch/man wearing jewelry and shoes that double as weapons.

I dared to try and develop some sort of skirt with a shirt. Spawned from laziness, I discovered I create a sort of peplum when I layer a small sweater with an oversized tee that I refuse to change. Go with it. But be careful because it can easily look frumpy. That is why my choice for under shirt was a lovely print by Dries Van Noten. Now if I could just remember to keep my legs together (ha!) I would be showing you that diamond silhouette I was talking about. Oh well. Also, remind me to get a wind machine because it would really help in showing you a better peplum... a work in progress.

- jerome

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  1. WERQQQ!!!

    and yes, who needs sex when u look AMAZING!!( #thatsalwaysbeenmymotto )