January 9, 2011

Moving Forward

Bracelets by Hermès

Finding just the right accessory to make you get over a phobia is empowering. I discovered that I can actually wear things on my wrists. All of a sudden I am finding more inspiration in the world around me; catalysts to evolve my look I think. Last year I preferred the top heavy silhouette with the aid of button downs and parkas. The year before that the uniform was slim with draping accents. Now I am in the mood for an elongated diamond shape - a tailored top, a statement in the waist and wrists, and a tapered leg with heeled or statement shoes. Bring on the belts and bracelets from Hermès. I will show you what I mean very soon. In the mean time, lets take a trip back memory lane to Prada's A/W2008 runway show. Mine is not quite as severe, but BEHOLD: THE MAN PEPLUM.

Photos from GQ.com

This look is achieved by layering sweaters and oversized t-shirts. Again, I will show you what I mean in the coming posts. The current climate (and recent weather conditions in general) make for horrible lighting on my little runway of a balcony. Hopefully I will be able to get back on the horse and take some consistent photos. Enjoy some music videos of the girly music I listen to on the way to work.

Here is the kind of pillow talk I have with my honey:

me: "I guess I am really influenced by English musicians. My dad had me listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at a young age."
him: "Yeah, for some reason I would go crazy for 'Get Off My Cloud' when I was a baby. Like I would not stop laughing."
me: "Cute! So yeah, I listened to them growing up. And even when I was a teen, the Spice Girls changed everything."
him: "Wait, wait... something changed there..."

Happy Monday, everyone. I am still deliciously gay for English songstresses.

- jerome

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