January 10, 2011

Target Acquired: Hermès Collier De Chien in Vert Bronze and Bleu Indigo

So here are my new precious babies in all of their glory: Hermès Collier De Chien in Vert Bronze and Bleu Indigo. Only the sun can bring out their true colors. Both are suede with palladium hardware. I am very lucky to have got them, as the Hermès store in San Francisco sells out of these almost instantaneously. The last time I tried one on was when I bought my Birkin, and trying to get one of these on top of a bag is a little insane when you're not ballin' out of control.

When I spotted the Indigo CDC, I knew it was going home with me. I mean, the various shades of Hermès Bleu speak to me, and this indigo just sings next to my Bleu de Malte Birkin. By chance the Vert Bronze CDC was returned to the counter as I went to pay. Of course it is the perfect everyday color to my current wardrobe palette! I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous luster of the hardware, the shape and size of the medor details, and the soft texture and grain to the suede. See how special the fasteners to the bracelets are! Luckily the womens leather jewelry fits me. After a few wears you can feel the leather give way and mold to your wrists.

Hermès is the new Pokemon. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL.

- jerome

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