January 30, 2011

Dreaming of Vacation

Miles Aldridge for L’Uomo Vogue 2005

So it looks like my plans to go to NYFW have been foiled. I suppose this gives me more time to save for another Birkin Milan Fashion Week in June!! That being said, it is clear that I need a vacation. First, my blog has been neglected and my days off are filled with photoshoots and house cleaning. Not that I don't enjoy shoots, but technically I haven't had a day off in months. Second, I realized how much I miss my friends. They are an inspiration, and many are leaving San Francisco so I have to spend time with them while I can. Perhaps I can take a staycation. Or eff it all, let's all go to Mardi Gras in March??

This editorial is pretty fantastic and sums up what I want my future to look like: exotic luggage, sharp suits, and salt and pepper business menz all up in my first class. I remember this spread in L’Uomo Vogue back in 2005. It captured the vibrant colors and luxe vibe that I was really feeling at the moment. Things have come full circle. I mean, who could forget Vincent Lacrocq?? EVER?? Someone take me on a private jet to go shopping.


- jerome

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