February 23, 2011

Obsession Session

Now that my 11 day stretch of working is complete, I can go ahead and decide what all that hard earned cash will be spent on. Fashion month continues to pre-drain my checking account as soon as I take a peek at the collections online. My spring wardrobe hasn't even been completed yet and I am already shopping for Fall!! I MEEAANNNN??!

Taxes and receipts Reflections on the past year tell me that 2010 was the year of Louis Vuitton and handbags. It was no secret that my obsession for leather goods grew exponentially. 2011 is shaping up to be the year of Hermés, shoes, and jewelry. Acquiring my first born Birkin set a pretty high bar, slowing down my hunger for handbags. Of course the PS1 and Céline Luggage Phantom are still on my list, but outside of the iconic essentials, my attention is now focused on shoes and jewels.

Photos via Style.com

Exhibits A and B: Burberry Prorsum Tassled Creepers and Creeper Wedges. I have the Spring Prorsum Biker sandals and have only purchased one other pair of shoes from the Spring collections (reveal coming soon). Already some funds are set aside for these runway beauties. The men's shoes are calling my name with burnished leathers, TASSLES, and a chunky/contrasting sole. The women's wedges are a smart interpretation of the creeper, and they will make me approximately 6'4"!!


Then there is my new found love for bracelets. Hermés helped me over come my anything-on-my-wrists phobia. I am still really specific as to what can go on my wrists, but it is a start. Kate Lanphear has always served as an inspiration to me. Not only is she Senior Style Editor for US Elle, but her style is authentic and original. The picture above pretty much sums up why I worship her: Preppy elements, check. T-shirt peplum, check. Hermés Collier de Chien, check. High androgyny, check. You know how something just doesn't feel right if you forget to put on all your rings before leaving the house?? Wrists-feeling-naked is the new fingers-feeling-naked.

- jerome

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