January 21, 2013

New York State of Mind

Hermès Shawl and bracelets, Mr. Business "Louvre" Trench, H&M x Comme des Garçons Shirt and Socks, J. Crew Pants, Burberry Prorsum Shoes 

Hello everyone, and happy new year!  I know it has been a while since I last blogged.  Moving to New York changed my life dramatically, and major changes in my schedule, life, and relationships made it a little difficult to document everything.  However, I am happy to report things are all positive and I am writing again!  My photography set-up still isn't in place (I haven't found a spot in my apartment that was quite as perfect as in San Francisco), but I will try and share some looks the best I can.  A special thank you to my talented friend Anthony Amadeo for shooting this.  My friends named Anthony are both coincidentally incredible photographers!  The day we shot this, I had on plenty of new inventory to share.

This gorgeous blue trench was a godsend from the Amacord Vintage Fashion SoHo store here in NYC.  It was produced by an Italian brand called Mr. Business some time during the 1970's-1980's (I think).  The jacket was deadstock when I purchased it with the original hang tags still attached.  What luck to be able to grab it in the original condition!  Vintage finds like this make me wonder what other beautiful gems can be found locked away somewhere untouched.  The color of the denim is still the original shocking blue it was decades ago, and the shape of the collar holds well because of the fabrication.  Bonus: the hang tag says the coat is called the "Louvre."  

Rabbit Ring by Kasukobo Japan, Sea Urchin Ring by Ugo Cacciatori, 
Pendant Rings by Enrique Muthuan

My love affair with Hermès continues with their hand rolled cashmere and silk shawls.  The blend of these fibers makes them soft and comfortable to wear in different temperatures.  There are so many great options for colors and prints on each 56" x 56" canvas.  The color way of this particular shawl called "Couvertures et Tenues de Jour" was a very popular edition, selling out instantly because it was featured in the collection's catalogue.  When I saw it on eBay at the end of the season, I pounced (over paying just a little...).  Regrettably my sales associate called me a few hours later to tell me they had received the last one in the country and my head exploded.  Upon reflection, it was worth every penny to secure the piece.  I bought it just before moving to New York, and it has kept me warm in this new, frosty climate.

There are new editions to my ring collection including another gorgeous creation by Ugo Cacciatori.  The design is based on a sea urchin, another example of his re-occurring ocean theme.  Intricate details make me appreciate how much work went into the casting process.  The two pendant rings are by the Brooklyn based, Argentinian-lawyer-turned-designer Enrique Muthuan.  I first discovered him by chance at a fashion week party 2 years ago.  Tobias Sorensen was sporting some major jewels and I asked him where he got them.  Fast forward to Christmas 2012 when I was wandering the Holiday Market in Union Square, and there was Enrique with his own booth and an impressive spread of his inspiring work.  These two pendant rings spoke to me immediately.  The Virgin Mary is one of my favorite icons in any culture or language in which she manifests.  I think the other ring is Joan of Arc.  I have to confirm this with Enrique, but there is a soldier riding on a horse, so it is a fair assumption.  He has so many more pieces but I am so critically broke and I cannot choose!  Check out Enrique Muthuan's website for more information and his online store!  I love anything in solid 925.

I will try and post new things as they come along, but being the unpaid intern that I am, it will not be much.   As Anthony A. was shooting me in front of the Flatiron building, there was a busload of toursits unloading around us - which is probably why the best full shot of me was during a derp face.  Hopefully I find the right set up in a more private space like before, but OMG YOU GUYS I LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY.  It's been too long, I missed you.

- jerome   


  1. Great outfit !
    I love the way you wore your Hermès scarf, a very good idea !

    1. thank you!! i am trying to find ways to show the print in a way that makes sense haha