July 11, 2013

Excuse me, Sir. What are you doing?

Raf Simons Tee, See by Chloe shorts, Barney's NY socks, Fracap shoes, IISE backpack

Sorry, I forgot my tripod and self timing camera.  The stigma toward selfies is a tad irrelevant now.  I still find it absurd to make duck faces from an aerial angle in the middle of Duane Reade while buying bottled water, but Instagram made it acceptable to take photos of your outfits on your phone to share.  Still, I wish I had some hot guy following me around to snap some photos at good angles.  My friend Anthony and I decided to stop by our old work to beat the heat... and take a few photos.

Our old co-workers were like, "What are you guys doing in there?  What are you still doing here?!"  It was a proud moment.  I'm glad I got some shots of Anthony's Gitman Bros. Vintage shirt.  It is a limited edition print for Cinco de Mayo.  Of course he bought the last one, but the long sleeve version is still available online!!  The sacred hearts are so special.  They remind me of the souvenir jacket I am lusting over from the GIZA x Joyrich collaboration.

In the true spirit of skazan, I really like the blue color way.  The black is also a great option though, especially since the insides of these reversible jackets have this awesome print.  Check out the rest of the collaboration on Joyrich's website here.  Souvenir jackets have become an obsession of mine.  Stay tuned for my collection (just be patient though because the summer heat in NYC is killer hot).

- jerome

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