July 7, 2013

Come Back

2NE1 - Falling in Love

Hello, everyone!  I know it has been over 4 months since my last post.  Things have been incredibly busy, stressful, and intense, but I am excited to be back and start writing again.  I am working on some projects right now and with some luck I will be able to post more.  I just got back from a rather long vacation, and before that I was working at BULLETT magazine - which explains my lack of posting.

Seoul, South Korea is probably one of my favorite places in the world (and probably my next stop for residence).  I cannot recall if I have mentioned my love for YG Family and their brand of Korean pop music and fashion, but you should probably know that about me now.  My favorite artist 2NE1 just released a new video after a year long hiatus... kind of like me posting after such a long time.  Their videos are highly stylized and fresh - especially amongst the other cookie cutter bands in Korea/ all over the world.  Their new single "Falling in Love," was already debuted unannounced a while back during their come back stage for "I Love You."

2NE1 Inkigayo Come Back Stage Intro 7.8.12

Some fans are complaining for holding it back after the teaser, but I believe this song was supposed to be released right after the previous single.  The delayed release date for new material came because of 2NE1's world tour, more focus on other artists within the YG Family, and the debut of a new star: Lee Hi.  I am so happy to see my girls are back - in Versace, Alexander Wang, and Mary Katrantzou no less.  There is controversy over the hair and even the bindi.  I myself love the looks and find it genius that the 2NE1 pays homage to Gwen Stefani during her "Return of Saturn" era.  It makes so much sense considering No Doubt is rooted in Ska and reggae, which was the main inspiration style for 2NE1's new song.  The video is like nothing they have ever done, and not seen too much in the world of kpop at all.  There aren't any big fancy sets or green screens; no huge light walls or post productions.  This video is all about the girls wearing amazing clothes on a set dripping in gold and high concept stage design.  It is refreshingly stripped of your average kpop video formula, which hasn't been seen in a long time.  Nothing is more YG than that, which is why I think the video is actually pretty great.  Korean models Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun make an appearance and I really cannot be mad at that either.

"Falling in Love" is not 2NE1's strongest single and it is probably the most generic kpop work they have ever done.  However, you have to consider this to be a transitional song as it was supposed to be released after their chart topper "I Love You."  Considering they are releasing new singles consecutively every month until the end of the year when their album drops, I would say it makes sense to tease fans with this type of song as  a build up to a "I Am the Best" type powerhouse.

Anyway, I hope to resume posting as much as I can.  It is still a busy time for me, but I really do want to stage a healthy come back as soon as possible.  If you are reading this, thanks for hanging on!

- jerome

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