July 17, 2013


All leather harnesses by Zana Bayne.

I forget how much fun I have styling and directing.  This shoot took place on a rooftop in Brooklyn one summer, before I moved to New York.  It was over 100 degrees, but somehow we powered through it and had so much fun.

During this crazy time in my life I love looking back at what I have done, then looking forward to see everything I can do.  Outside of running and hitting the gym, the best way to clear my head is to look at my old work.  Reviewing these shoots is not so much for validation or inspiration, but just as a way to remind myself how far I've come and the lessons I learned along the way.  Visiting photographer Anthony Deeying's website is like a stroll down memory lane.  Not only am privileged to get to work with such an up and coming talent, but he is also my best friend.  We collaborated on so many shoots.  I miss it!!

- jerome 

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