August 2, 2013

Souvenir Jacket/Skazan/Sukajan No. 1

Japanese Traditional Vintage souvenir jacket, J.Crew tee and chinos, Burberry Prorsum loafers, Ugo Cacciatori and Enrique Muthuan rings

Hello, everyone!  I am excited to share the first souvenir jacket in my collection.  After months of hunting them down here in New York, I had no luck finding ANYTHING.  It was in Seoul that I was finally able to acquire a few pieces.  This isn't the first one I bought but I definitely used it the most when I amassed my starter set.  They come in the most beautiful colors and fabrics, and they are delicate so scoring vintage ones in great condition is quite hard.  

For those who don't already know, souvenir jackets originated in Asian countries when occupying forces would visit local artisans to embroider traditional motifs onto their jackets as souvenirs while stationed abroad.  This originated in Japan in Yokosuka, and the jackets came to be known as "Yokosuka Jumpers," or Sukajyan for short.  In Korea, they are known as Skazan.  The jackets are normally reversible with one side being more intricately adorned.  Each design is embroidered directly into the silk, rayon, or polyester that is regularly used to build the garment.

Of course the first one I choose to show you is one sided and a XXXL, but it is the only non-reversible souvenir jacket I own so far.  I love how big this one is.  It is a great shape that reminds me of Juun. J, or even a boyfriend jacket.  The off-the-shoulder thing comes pretty natural because of the size, but it is also nice to shrug off when it gets hot but you don't want to put such a stain-magnet down at a bar or club.  And apparently I was really into the Mr. Peanut while shooting this so ignore my crossed legs.

As loud as these jackets can get, I am happy I was able to find one in more neutral hues.  The embroidery is so detailed.  When I saw the dragons on the sleeves and the back, I had to have it.  These bad boys can cost a pretty penny, but I was able to grab this one for around $60 USD after bartering with the shop people.  I love that you can bring down prices in Hongdae vintage shops.  That is a steal for this kind of jacket, in this condition, that is made in Japan.  More to come soon!

- jerome


  1. Love this jacket! I was wondering if you could recommend some good places in Seoul to look for rare vintage gems like this? :)

    1. Yes! I got the best ones at all the vintage shops in Hongdae. Dont be afraid to bargain either, they usually give a discount if you pay in cash! Happy hunting :)