August 26, 2013

Remembering a moment with i-D

I have probably said this before, but i-D is one of my absolute favorite magazines.  I have every issue since I was 16 or 17 years old.  Their point of view on zeitgeist and youth culture always impresses me, and I have remained an unwavering fan over the years.  So when my friend Ashley told me that she needed help with a shoot for i-D, I immediately collapsed to the floor in tears I said of course!  Helping to style this shoot was a dream come true - and all done with a team of good friends.  I didn't post this during my hiatus for some reason, but taking subway selfies on the security camera today reminded me of one of my favorite memories in New York.  Here is the write up from i-D's website:

“My main objective was to capture the essence of New York City. Having recently moved here I wanted to highlight both its alluring charm but also the harsh reality of a cold city, literally and metaphorically. New York can often feel overwhelming and lonely, which is something people may draw from watching this. Often we find ourselves on trains or in the street surrounded by strangers yet we feel completely alone, brushing past each other but never touching. My choice behind shooting sequences from the air had to do with the idea that events we experience can be viewed from many different perspectives. I wanted to create an environment for the viewer to know exactly where they were but more importantly to make a more believable experience. I guess you could call this project a self-portrait of sorts. I may not physically be in the film however you can see me in every frame.”
Photographer, Videographer and Director: Marco TorresStyling: Ashley Abtahie
Styling Assistants: Brandon Giordano and Jerome Ison
Model: Teresa Oman @ Re:Quest Model Management / The Agency Australia
Make-up: Dana Rae AshburnHair: Jeanie Syfu
All original music by Cove
Look 1: Shirt and Jacket 3.1 Phillip Lim. Skirt Amarcord Vintage Fashion. Sunglasses Mercura, Necklace Organic Peroxide NYC. Look 2 (in camera): Jacket Blank NYC. T-shirt, Dress and Boots 3.1 Phillip Lim. Leggings stylist’s own. Necklace Organic Peroxide NYC. Look 3: Jacket and overalls 3.1 Phillip Lim. Shirt Amarcord Vintage Fashion. Vest Amarcord Vintage Fashion. Boots Carven. Necklaces Organic Peroxide NYC. Look 4: Trench coat Valentino. Shirt Only Hearts NYC. Trousers Amarcord Vintage Fashion. Sunglasses Mercura. Necklace Organic Peroxide NYC.
Phillip Lim is one of my favorite designers, so it made me happy to play with a story that included many pieces from his brand.  I was also floored by the eyewear at Mercura NYC!  How gorgeous are the pearl shades?!  A large part of the shoot included pieces from Amacord Vintage.  As up and coming stylists, we do not always have access to major designers.  I think it is important to know how to style with any set of options you are afforded - and vintage is an amazing resource.  Clothing is not rendered unfashionable just because it was not made this season.  Truly great stylists can pull looks from the past that are relevant to the current mood in fashion.

- jerome

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