May 1, 2011

Baby I Was Born This May

May is birthday month. Let's get this party started.

Every year I ceremoniously plot out the entire month of May into segmented shopping trips in celebration of my birth. In an effort not to lose all of my friends seem like a brat drain all of my hard earned money in 31 days, I need to make lists of things I can splurge on for my birthday. Unfortunately I've recently developed a pretty severe Hermés addiction and clearly my list has got to be short to celebrate my 25 years.

1. The One, The Only, The Birkin Bag

I do love my Birkin. My 35cm Bleu de Malte clemence bag is like a child to me. I worked very hard to pay for it in full - all by myself. One day I will have one in black, gold, and taupe. This would be one hell of a birthday gift, but this IS my quarter life crisis we are talking about here. The clemence leahter of my Birkin is divine, but I also want to have the structure of a togo bag. I would love a 40cm, but the 35cm has proven to be a trusted and practical size. Birkins are something to collect over time :)

2. The Collier de Chien in Exotic Skin

My left wrist has sported a CDC everyday since I first acquired one months ago. I currently have 2 in suede and 1 in leather. An exotic skin CDC would be amazing, and a more reasonable and "practical" birthday present to myself. I had the pleasure of trying on a Bleu de Malte matte Alligator CDC a few days ago. Yes, it would match my Birkin, and yes I am still in disbelief of my self restraint. Hopefully it will still exist if and when I decide this is the way to go for my birthday.

3. Shoe Horn

This one is affordable and completely necessary. My poor shoes have been suffering by my laziness and hurrying ways. I have been forcing on my brogues and oxfords without untying shoelaces (am I the only one who is totally inept at loosening up shoelaces?!!). A shoe horn would fix all of this, and it would score me a beautiful orange box! There is a shorter version, but the long one allows for maximum not bending over. WIN.

Of course there are other things I want, and more important goals for me to achieve. This list wreaks of materialism, prestige, and things of this nature to the untrained eye. But I genuinely live for the heritage and craftsmanship of these beautiful things AND ONE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ALLOWED SOME SELF INDULGENCE WHEN CELEBRATING ONE'S BIRTHDAY. I will let you know how I do come the 26th. But I have already received a pretty sweet gift: Osama Bin Laden has been taken out. I am not particularly known for my patriotism, but Go Team America!! UPDATE: Celebrate only justice.

- jerome

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