May 6, 2011

'Cause Cathy Said So

I attended the Academy of Art University's B.F.A. fashion show yesterday. Amongst big names like Nathalie Rykiel and Yigal Azrouël, two of my favorite influences in fashion were in attendance: Suzy Menkes and Cathy Horyn. Suzy Menkes did not say much for the time I was at the show (I did not stay for the awards ceremony), but her charming quaff was a surprising treat as I didn't know she would be there. Cathy Horyn did speak briefly though. Horyn is known for her brutal honesty as a fashion critic for the New York Times. I would probably faint if she was judging my senior collection. She has earned her respect in journalism, as well as her banishment from certain designers' runway presentations. Horyn was here in San Francisco to speak with the graduation fashion students and accept a doctorate in education from the AAU AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN TWEET BACK AT ME WHEN I CONGRATULATED HER ON TWITTER.

I apologize for the atrocious pictures. Saying that I had a nosebleed seat would be an understatement.

Remember that some years ago Lee McQueen himself was a guest at the graduation show of some lucky alumni. Cathy Horyn is an important and honest writer and I hope I can learn from her. She advised that bloggers should do more reporting, and less re-telling. Linking and "borrowing" from other blogs is boring and ineffective. Horyn also recommends to learn French. My blog can be categorized as a personal style blog, and sometimes a glorified shopping list of sorts. I hope when I do report the news that it be my own take and my own point of view when relevant.

Being around such respected names in fashion journalism has inspired me again. I never had an end-game when I started writing but I am reminded of the need for a creative outlet when the lack of jobs keeps you from doing it professionally. It has been a terribly trying week filled with headaches at work and allergies everywhere in between. The beautiful weather has more than made up for my slump and it was fun to take advantage of it. Back to work, and back to birthday month!!

- jerome

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