May 31, 2011

The Last Supper

1. Marcus Leung, Buyer for Acrimony SF 2. Nida Thaingtham, Model 3. Krse Six, Black Plastica 4. Jeremy Forson, Visual Artist 5. Jerome Pour Homme 6. Trevor True, Muse 7. Anthony Deeying, Photographer 8. Erin Frederick, Stylist 9. Ali Cohen, Agent at Ford Models SF

I wanted to celebrate my quarter life crisis 25th birthday by having a small, intimate, interactive dinner. What started out as your typical "I have hella Asian friends and we all love hot pot" dinner became THE LAST SUPPER OF MY EARLY 20s. It was a joke at first, but when we were "cooking" up ideas and locations for the night, we settled on Anthony's studio. A few weeks later the backdrop was set up, dinner was served, and the final product revealed. I was gunning for 12 apostles, but this group of 9 was perfect. I don't know a Judas (Jud-ah-ahs), and I can assure you I am no Jesus. But at least now you can put names to faces :)

Dinner was delicious. Marcus happens to be the master at throwing hot pot dinners. Make sure you host hot pot dinners in a well ventilated room. There was a brief period of spicy air that filled the studio that made our eyes water. Whatever, the smell made my mouth water even more. We had one spicy pot and one regular, with beef, pork, tofu, spinach, mushrooms, and other greens and fungus to cook. I highly recommend it. Aside from the fish balls, even my gluten-free partner Jeremy and friend Erin could eat everything. This was such a fun way to get together and celebrate with friends without going to a bar or the same restaurants.

Also, the Birkin Summit was held at my birthday party. Pictured are my 35cm Bleu de Malt Clemence, Anthony's 40cm Noir Togo, Erin's 40cm Gris Tourterelle Togo, and Ali's 35cm Noir Togo Birkins. DANG. I wish I had taken more pictures of my guests and the food, but we were all having such a good time that we honestly just forgot.

I suppose I am not that old. However, some days later while I was at work it randomly hit me that I am in my mid 20s. I almost fell off a step ladder. Goodbye, early 20s! In your honor, there was a glorious celebration and artistic photographic evidence. Here is to another year of fun, style, and blogging. Something to look forward to: My next birthday is my Magic/Golden birthday (I am turning 26 and was born on the 26th) and I have all year to think of the next photo inspiration... so far I am thinking Botticelli's Birth of Venus??

- jerome


  1. the juxtaposition of hotpot and hermes

  2. YES! Though I must say it felt pretty natural. They are simply two of my favorite things!

    - Jerome