August 4, 2010

Brand Loyalty

All clothing by Comme des Garçons for H&M

Sometimes you cannot help but obsess. I have gone through serious phases with different brands. It isn't always about staying on trend. I prefer to stand by a brand when it suits my needs and speaks to my current style mood. For instance, JEROME PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE LOUS VUITTON AND BURBERRY ALREADY KTHX the Prada ensemble in the previous post was a head-to-toe outfit of the same brand but from different seasons. I rarely wear whole outfits by one designer, but if it works then why not? Collecting takes time, especially since most of my obsessions are luxury based. THIS GETS REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness, then, for designer collaborations with affordable retailers like H&M and Target. It was no chore at all to wait in line at 6:00AM to score the goods; well worth the effort to get my pick at a whole season's worth of Kawakubo deliciousnessness.

So who is next? William Rast will be designing for Target's Go International collaboration, but there has yet to be an announcement for H&M's much anticipated pairing. I wonder who it will be. I hope it will be someone with sensibility in both mens and womenswear so we don't see another epic failure a la Jimmy Choo. I think it might be too much to ask for Thom Browne to do any more collabs, but I would appreciate being able to afford a suit or two. Whatever. Just as long as Taylor Momsen doesn't start designing.

- jerome

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  1. Hah- at the Taylor Momsen comment. Even worse, Lindsay Lohan.... haha

    I actually work for H&M and they haven't announced anything yet, but i have a sneaking suspicion some sort of mini collab with Bryan Boy might come up eventually. He tweeted about a month ago that he was going to be involved with &M "very soon" So... who knows.


    Great blog btw, i don't come across mens fashion blogs very often but yours is really great. Love all the CDG items :]