August 16, 2010

I Don't Do Womens, Just RAF SIMONS

Fig 1.1 Shirt by Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Vintage cut-offs, Boots by Dr. Martens Fig 1.2 Shirt by Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Trousers by H&M, slippers by 3:33

My obsession with Raf Simons began many years ago. It was a name I had read over and over again in magazines when searching for unique designs to try and wear as a statement in suburbia. At the time I was faithfully devoted to Hedi Slimane and his work at Dior Homme, regularly placing phone orders and trolling the nation to acquire things unavailable in the Bay Area. I quickly developed a preference for Belgian designers and the colors black, gray, and white. Raf Simons came at just the right time to push me in the right direction, craving innovation and unique silhouettes. He is one of the designers who allowed me to mature in my fashion choices, straying away from the hot scene mess that I was turning into misguided outfit selections.

Today, I am still following Raf. His collaborations always seem to speak to my taste of the moment. These Fred Perry Collaboration shirts came up by chance online and I quickly seized the opportunity to buy them. The collar is cut perfectly to elongate my neck more than I could have imagined, which is what I look for first in every button down. I love the color blocking in the first shirt (THAT ORANGE!) and the deep ink color in the second. I look like I am wearing the UNIFORM FOR A SPA IN THE FUTURE but I still think they're pretty sweet.

Next on my list is the Dr. Martens collaboration, as well as anything from Jil Sander... but his work for that brand is another post entirely. I have let go of my statement shirts from House of Holland, but the two I have kept really embody my sentiment for fashion at the time: CAUSE ME PAIN HEDI SLIMANE - I DON'T DO WOMENS, JUST RAF SIMONS.

- jerome

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