August 30, 2010


Photo: Lanvin's Alber Elbaz and Menswear Creative Director Lucas Ossendrijver (center) for VMAN 12 Designer Portraits

News UPDATE: Did @BryanBoy let the cat out of the bag? A few days ago he tweeted (and I paraphrase), "One of the benefit of having a Swedish boyfriend is having him first in line for the queue for H&M x Lanvin." My jaw dropped when I read this and retwweted, only before I could blog about it, the tweet was deleted. BryanBoy had visited with H&M's creative team at their headquarters, so it was a viable source. I was a little confused when the promotional video for the next collaboration was released. The NYT Cut Blog revealed Tomas Mair of Bottega Veneta was the voice in the clip, but my suspicions were squashed when both the blog and WWD verified the voice belonged to Alber Elbaz.

OMFG THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC. It has been a while since I have lined up for something at H&M. They truly need this collaboration. The quality of their merchandise has taken a severe turn for the worse, but bringing in a collaboration with a highly sought after brand that no one can afford could be a huge, necessary success. I hope they are doing footwear too!! FINGERS CROSSED. Most of the energy will most likely be focused on womenswear which doesn't really affect me, but if it is anything like Comme or V&R, heaven help my checking account!!

- jerome

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