August 9, 2010

Just Because

Shirt by Adam Kimmel, Jacket by Corpus, Stirrup Pants by Prada, Vintage Zori Sandals

Please excuse my horrific expression in this picture. I am not photogenic.

I have been dreaming of Tokyo lately. It is my that wish more people would exchange their Havaianas for Zori. I do not normally condone flip-flops, and if you are one of those jerk-wads who are "allergic to shoe laces" I wonder why you are reading my blog at all. Also, I have a strong desire to wear kimono too. There is no real cultural costume in America, which is sad. The juxtaposition of kimono with outrageous fashion, tailored business attire, and casual sportswear is inspiring in so many ways on the streets of Japan.

I cannot wait to get out of the United States for a family vacation to Europe in September. It is obviously vastly different from Japan, but in my experience the places we will be seeing are equally delightful in art, culture, and cuisine. I just have to be careful not to get hella fat from all the bomb food spend too much money on Euro fashions!

- jerome

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