December 26, 2010

Workin' for the Birkin


A thousand more apologies for the continued blog neglect. The exhausting holiday season has me begging for more sleep, and my off days are just as hectic. I have been collaborating with my friend to produce some really great editorial material. Pulling for shoots and styling models takes a lot of time and planning. My lunch breaks and "weekends" are pretty much booked before I even know. But I am not complaining because these shoots are just the creative outlet and experience I need.

Photos by Anthony Deeying

I have been working on my shopping resolution list for 2011. With the new year approaching, I thought it would be a good time to set some goals. The first is to find a 9-5 with benefits, weekends off, and most importantly, something to do with fashion editorial. Second, I WILL GET MY SECOND BIRKIN THIS YEAR SO HELP ME GOD!! Wish me luck!!

- jerome

December 19, 2010

Christmas is Coming


These are a few of the Christmas presents I have finished wrapping. I am pretty proud of them, actually. Even if it is not for me, I genuinely love shopping. Walking through beautiful stores and picking out presents for the ones you love is always fun. Except for the SHITSHOW holiday season. This is the second time I have been on the other side of the retail relationship, and I must say that people are mean. But I keep pulling through because of my severe Hermès addiction. I am literally unable to walk into an Hermès without leaving with an orange box. My last trip was during my lunch break, and I successfully resisted because there was a $40K Bleu de Malte Crocodile Birkin. It was the last one in the world, and after considering selling my car for it (just kidding - kind of - because it would not be enough anyway... what about a kidney??) I thought it was getting a little ridiculous.

Orange is the new red and green. Hermès obsession aside, I have been getting back into styling projects. It has been a while since I have been able to collaborate with someone in a creative way, so getting back in the studio has been a great blessing during this stressful season. Again, I apologize for not keeping up with regular posts. It has been a hectic few weeks and it will only get worse. I can tell you that my website will be getting a major makeover and new content will be uploaded as these exciting new projects unfold. Stay tuned!!

Thanks for sticking by me. Happy Holidays, everyone!

- jerome

December 13, 2010

Friends Make Everything Better


I feel like I have been gaining weight. Due to the stressful holiday shopping season (professionally and personally), I have been indulging in fatty Filipino festive food in the little time I have to eat. Needless to say gym time has been cut down to zero. Good thing I have friends who like to splurge at Hermès and eat baked goods with me to lift the spirit. This scenario embodies what I go through on a day to day basis:

While shopping today, I barely missed the Kardashians at Barneys. They were in town to discuss their new licensing venture with Sears (yeah, yet ANOTHER BRANDING SCHEME. When bebe drops you, throw in the towel). In a solid attempt to try and catch a glimpse of the reality stars, my friend and I went to the Hermès store. We had to go anyway, and it was a logical store to check for the Kardashians, who famously just spent $100K on Birkins and such last month. No such luck with the celebrities, but I do have my gift picked out! 2010 was obviously the year of Louis Vuitton for me. What can I say? I'm a late bloomer. But after our trip to the store, I know it will be an Orange Christmas for my friend - who coined the term - and an Orange rest of my life 2011 for the both of us!

- jerome


I feel absolutely horrible about the blog neglect. The holidays are like the Olympics of retail, and the stress and hard work has taken its toll. My days begin with work and end with house chores, and holiday shopping in between. I am almost finished with my gifting, but there is added pressure this year for my family. I mean IF I GOT MYSELF A FRIGGIN' BIRKIN, THEIR PRESENTS BETTER BE GOOD time is running out. I hope your holiday shopping is right on track!!

Anyway, with the Birkin acquisition during less-than-ideal weather, I long for warmer weather and sun. Cloudy days keep me paranoid about bringing out my favorite leather goods. But more than anything I am sick of this muggy winter. I want to go to the Philippines to do some beaching, shopping, sunning, relaxing, resorting, and resetting! It might be time for a vacation. TOP MODEL INSPIRATION EDITORIAL TIME!

Daria Werbowy in French Vogue

One day I will have my own photographer to take pictures of me doing cool stuff like this.

- jerome

December 7, 2010

Target Acquired: Hermès 35cm Bleu de Malte Clemence Birkin

I feel like an adult now.

Trench by Burberry Prorsum, Trousers and Shirt by Comme des Garçons X H&M, Jumper by Zara, Shoes by Whoop-De-Doo, Handbag by Hermès

Behold, my very own (first, but not last!) Birkin bag. Having it in my collection is a big deal. Buying it myself with my own money is a milestone. I always knew I would come to own one, but never did I imagine it would come to me by fate. The story begins with a random work schedule assignment. By some stroke of luck I was allotted a Saturday off last week. Saturdays are rarely given to anyone who works in retail. This is because normal people most customers shop on the weekends. I gladly accepted because 'tis the season and I wanted a break within the busiest shopping time of the year. My dear friend Anthony wanted to stop by Hermès for his birthday so I gladly came along. We were not expecting what was about to occur next.

I originally planned to buy a ring. After selecting, sizing, and measuring we made our way to the front of the store to look at scarves for Anthony. Suddenly a woman purchased a bag in the center display, and out comes the sales associate with a new bag to fill the void: a brand new 35cm Bleu De Malt Birkin in Clemence leather with silver palladium hardware. It came straight from Paris, directly from the stockroom via late delivery, and into my eager hands. This bag had never been on display, meaning I am the only customer to ever handle it. When I took it into my arms I knew... the size, color, and leather were everything I wanted in a Birkin. Sure enough the women were flocking toward the icon, but it was too late for them. Fate had visited me that day. Quickly I ran to the bank to call upon the Birkin Fund while Anthony guarded the bag.

A 40cm Togo Birkin seems ideal for guys, but every time I would carry my friends' it felt large. I like my day bags big, but not luggage sized - especially since the bag is a top handle carry with no cross body strap. Togo leather on a Birkin is beautiful, but the structure and consistent "newness" did not feel right whenever I tried it on. I get that the Togo is scratch resistant and hard wearing, but for my first I wanted a more precious skin. The Clemence leather of MY Birkin is absolutely perfect for me. It is softer, drapes beautifully while maintaining structure, and is the perfect weight and softness to compliment my lifestyle. When you touch the skin, you can feel immediately why Hermès is known for their leathers. The color, Bleu de Malte, is one of the newest hues of blue in the Hermès palette. It has a rich, royal color that has a tendency to play tricks in different lighting.

This is the holy grail of bags and with hard work I bought one, and with good luck I got an amazing color/leather/hardware combination. I am in love. I joked that my family will be stoked that I can shut up about this bag now, but I realized that the fever has set in; I want everything in Hermès! And the obsession continues with the gold and black Birkins... One day :)

- jerome

December 5, 2010

Stop to Smell the Roses

Silk shirt by H&M, Khakis by J.Crew, Boots by Virgin Blak

The rain has returned in San Francisco. The forecasts keep saying it will be straight rain for 3 days, but this has been proven to be an epic failure of a prediction false. Thus, my outfits as of late are kind of all over the place. Good thing I am all for experimenting with the help of trendy items at affordable prices. My insatiable hunger for printed shirts continues with this floral piece from H&M. It reminded me a lot of Number (N)ine and Ann Demeulemeester, which is pretty funny considering this is some cheap thing from Divided. Fast fashion is perfect when you want to try out a look that would otherwise be expensive, or missed out on the collections of seasons passed.

In other news, I FINALLY GOT MY VERY OWN BIRKIN. It was like fate, and I will tell you all about it later. Stay tuned for an epic reveal. But workin' for the Birkin finally paid off - and was paid in full by yours truly.


- jerome

December 4, 2010


This past week has been hell at work, and with the weather slowly getting worse each day, I have succumb to seasonal cold symptoms. Thank goodness I am not legit sick yet but I realize that I am behind on posting. A couple of nights ago I attended a benefit wearing full blown palazzo pants. The next day, I was wearing tribal jewels and prints. Now I am in a fishtail parka and brogues. My style has been all over the place lately, which usually means I need to go shopping. Times like these are exciting because when you try out so many different looks, you develop your own spin on things. Here are some examples of my latest obsessions.

1. Tribal Inspiration - Kentaro Sawano in VMan
2. Keeping it Classy - Lasse Pedersen in Fudge
3. Glamazon - Blake Lively in Marie Claire UK

- jerome