August 30, 2010


Photo: Lanvin's Alber Elbaz and Menswear Creative Director Lucas Ossendrijver (center) for VMAN 12 Designer Portraits

News UPDATE: Did @BryanBoy let the cat out of the bag? A few days ago he tweeted (and I paraphrase), "One of the benefit of having a Swedish boyfriend is having him first in line for the queue for H&M x Lanvin." My jaw dropped when I read this and retwweted, only before I could blog about it, the tweet was deleted. BryanBoy had visited with H&M's creative team at their headquarters, so it was a viable source. I was a little confused when the promotional video for the next collaboration was released. The NYT Cut Blog revealed Tomas Mair of Bottega Veneta was the voice in the clip, but my suspicions were squashed when both the blog and WWD verified the voice belonged to Alber Elbaz.

OMFG THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC. It has been a while since I have lined up for something at H&M. They truly need this collaboration. The quality of their merchandise has taken a severe turn for the worse, but bringing in a collaboration with a highly sought after brand that no one can afford could be a huge, necessary success. I hope they are doing footwear too!! FINGERS CROSSED. Most of the energy will most likely be focused on womenswear which doesn't really affect me, but if it is anything like Comme or V&R, heaven help my checking account!!

- jerome

August 24, 2010

Nasty Looks


Online fit gallery and vintage purveyor Nasty Gal joined forces to throw one helluva shindig at the Space Gallery in San Francisco. It's been a while since I attended a party where everyone looks like a 10, but when two online fashion super forces put on an event IRL, you better bring your A-Game if you want some props. Literally. Hype stickers simulated the online rating system. Think vintage high fashion in a dark, dirty bar. So San Francisco. Check out both websites for inspiration and shopping. Check out more photos from the party here!! Happy Hyping.

The Nasty Gal Team

The heat is back in San Francisco and I cannot wait to start wearing some shorts!! I went a little overboard with the popsicles today, but I figure boxes of those are always good to have. I have been working like a maniac, which explains my lack of updates, but the beautiful weather means better lighting for photos :) Stay tuned!!

- jerome

August 16, 2010

I Don't Do Womens, Just RAF SIMONS

Fig 1.1 Shirt by Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Vintage cut-offs, Boots by Dr. Martens Fig 1.2 Shirt by Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Trousers by H&M, slippers by 3:33

My obsession with Raf Simons began many years ago. It was a name I had read over and over again in magazines when searching for unique designs to try and wear as a statement in suburbia. At the time I was faithfully devoted to Hedi Slimane and his work at Dior Homme, regularly placing phone orders and trolling the nation to acquire things unavailable in the Bay Area. I quickly developed a preference for Belgian designers and the colors black, gray, and white. Raf Simons came at just the right time to push me in the right direction, craving innovation and unique silhouettes. He is one of the designers who allowed me to mature in my fashion choices, straying away from the hot scene mess that I was turning into misguided outfit selections.

Today, I am still following Raf. His collaborations always seem to speak to my taste of the moment. These Fred Perry Collaboration shirts came up by chance online and I quickly seized the opportunity to buy them. The collar is cut perfectly to elongate my neck more than I could have imagined, which is what I look for first in every button down. I love the color blocking in the first shirt (THAT ORANGE!) and the deep ink color in the second. I look like I am wearing the UNIFORM FOR A SPA IN THE FUTURE but I still think they're pretty sweet.

Next on my list is the Dr. Martens collaboration, as well as anything from Jil Sander... but his work for that brand is another post entirely. I have let go of my statement shirts from House of Holland, but the two I have kept really embody my sentiment for fashion at the time: CAUSE ME PAIN HEDI SLIMANE - I DON'T DO WOMENS, JUST RAF SIMONS.

- jerome

August 13, 2010

Reporting for Duty

Zippy Shirt by Burberry, Tee by Brian Lichtenberg for BITNB, Khakis by J.Crew, Boots by Burberry Prorsum

I am pretty sure that am feeling the resurgence of the military trend this season. This will come quite handy even in the summer months when I find myself too body conscious to pull off all-white gauzy ensembles (like I summer in the Hamptons anyway). I recently picked up this shirt during a shopping trip with some friends. We were trying on new tops (oddly enough I was the only gay present at the time) and had this whole conversation about underpinnings as outerwear. The topic came about after I tried on a Dries Van Noten shirt that had an elastic band on the hem that created a bomber effect. I am still desperately trying to save up for the green PS1 It was a bit out of my price range so I put it down.

My pleasure in layering collared shirts called when I stumbled upon this Burberry shirt. It did not have the elastic waist, but the zipper closure made it irresistible. There is still a button at the top for fashion-cholo mode, but mostly I am in love with the details. The D-ring on the back adds a touch of utility while the brown buttons decorate the epaulets and settle as a trio at the cuffs. I am in love with this color!!

I am currently tackling a pork tenderloin as I type this, praying it will cook all the way through. Other than that I don't really see any battles in the near future, but at least I will be outfitted for a good fight. I wish Cammy and Guile would wear Burberry. How sick would it be to see them in Prorsum??!! Just me? Fine.

- jerome

August 9, 2010

Just Because

Shirt by Adam Kimmel, Jacket by Corpus, Stirrup Pants by Prada, Vintage Zori Sandals

Please excuse my horrific expression in this picture. I am not photogenic.

I have been dreaming of Tokyo lately. It is my that wish more people would exchange their Havaianas for Zori. I do not normally condone flip-flops, and if you are one of those jerk-wads who are "allergic to shoe laces" I wonder why you are reading my blog at all. Also, I have a strong desire to wear kimono too. There is no real cultural costume in America, which is sad. The juxtaposition of kimono with outrageous fashion, tailored business attire, and casual sportswear is inspiring in so many ways on the streets of Japan.

I cannot wait to get out of the United States for a family vacation to Europe in September. It is obviously vastly different from Japan, but in my experience the places we will be seeing are equally delightful in art, culture, and cuisine. I just have to be careful not to get hella fat from all the bomb food spend too much money on Euro fashions!

- jerome

August 4, 2010

Brand Loyalty

All clothing by Comme des Garçons for H&M

Sometimes you cannot help but obsess. I have gone through serious phases with different brands. It isn't always about staying on trend. I prefer to stand by a brand when it suits my needs and speaks to my current style mood. For instance, JEROME PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE LOUS VUITTON AND BURBERRY ALREADY KTHX the Prada ensemble in the previous post was a head-to-toe outfit of the same brand but from different seasons. I rarely wear whole outfits by one designer, but if it works then why not? Collecting takes time, especially since most of my obsessions are luxury based. THIS GETS REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE. Thank goodness, then, for designer collaborations with affordable retailers like H&M and Target. It was no chore at all to wait in line at 6:00AM to score the goods; well worth the effort to get my pick at a whole season's worth of Kawakubo deliciousnessness.

So who is next? William Rast will be designing for Target's Go International collaboration, but there has yet to be an announcement for H&M's much anticipated pairing. I wonder who it will be. I hope it will be someone with sensibility in both mens and womenswear so we don't see another epic failure a la Jimmy Choo. I think it might be too much to ask for Thom Browne to do any more collabs, but I would appreciate being able to afford a suit or two. Whatever. Just as long as Taylor Momsen doesn't start designing.

- jerome