June 10, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Nothing borrowed, and something blue. I'm blushing. Here is a mixture of old and new favorites from my wardrobe.

Sunburst Jacket by threeAsFour, Mesh Tank by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Khakis by J.Crew, Sneaker Sandals by Juun.J, Bag by Louis Vuitton

I get a feeling of victory every time I wear clothing I was supposed to "regret buying." It is triumph over the "You're never going to wear that" and "You don't need it" bullshiz we all get when obsession over fashion pieces. I usually reply "Actually, YOU aren't going to wear it because YOU COULDN'T wear it." Sure it cost me a lot, but I don't come to your house and say you wasted money on all those cars/video games/other crap that doesn't make sense to me either so STFU it makes me happy.

Speaking of the newest way to go broke, it was revealed today that the online purveyor of forward designer fashion Net-A-Porter.com will be launching Mr. Porter. The menswear website will carry staples like Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry (fingers crossed for Prorsum), as well as new cult favorites like Balmain and Rick Owens. What is the opposite of ballin' out of control??

In other news, my parents are obsessed with my Burberry sheep. They need a dog. I think the sheep are the perfect pets for me right now, seeing as there are all these handbags, shoes, and leather goods lying around like chew toys. I am allergic to cats, so I want a puppy... but no, no, I am happy with my sheep.

- jerome

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